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We value our clients’ feedback on the quality of the mediation and disagreement resolution services we provide. We are continually assessing our mediators services to ensure that they meet certain quality standards.

At the conclusion of all cases, we seek our clients assessment of the services we provide to ensure that these standards are met and our services can be maintained to a high standard and improved.

Thank you for the professional and prompt service.
Parent , Manchester City
This process helped us have an open dialogue with the local authority.
Parents , Doncaster
Thank you for all your help an excellent service.
Foster Carer , Liverpool
Our mediator was excellent, she explained the process fully, was always accessible and enabled our client and our team to feel supported and listened to throughout the process.
Deputy Head Teacher , Primary School
I do think that mediation is very helpful.
Parent , Hampshire
Thank you - although we didn't have a lot of dealing with you, what we did receive was very helpful and efficient.
Parent , Hampshire
I am delighted with the outcome and would like to thank Manda for her assistance and making myself feel at ease and reassured throughout the meeting.
Parent , Doncaster
I was really grateful to speak to someone so quickly. As a parent mediation can seem very daunting, in fact the whole process is, so it was a huge relief to speak to such a personable individual.
Parent , Hampshire
Very good well managed session.
Local Authority Manager
Very good and calm... mediation was good.
Parent , Wirral
Manda Sides conducted the mediation with the utmost professionalism. We are extremely grateful and satisfied with the outcome. Many Thanks.
Parents , Liverpool
It was a pleasure to speak with your mediator and be given a clear overview of the situation in relation to how mediation could/would work.
Parent , Liverpool
Brilliant - lovely setting and local. Great service and really important that it was a neutral place.
Head Teacher , Primary School
It was a useful process.
SENCO , Primary School
Amazing communication from start to finish. Manda Sides made the whole process easy to understand which mead me feel at ease on the day. Thank you.
Parent , Hampshire
The mediation was very useful and enabled P to feel listened to and understood.
Parent Partnership
We partially made an agreement and as a result the LA agreed to assess, this would not have happened without meditation.
Parent , Wirral
Mediation went very well, the mediator was very fair and understood all of my concerns..., the whole process was very clam and very productive.
Parent , Doncaster
I have attended many mediation sessions over the past 20 years. This was the most useful one I have attended...
National Deaf Children’s Society , Doncaster
The mediation process was excellent with all parties made to feel comfortable and the whole process being explained from the beginning. The venue and facilities were excellent. The skills of the mediator were excellent and the outcome was what we had hoped for. A positive experience all round.
Nursery Setting
An agreement was not reached nevertheless mediation helped to clarify perspectives for both parties.
Local Authority Representative
Fast efficient responses, regular communication via email.
Parent , Liverpool
The mediator was very fair and understood all of my concerns with the LA’s proposed placement.
Parent , London